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3D motorized positioning device

François Therriault-Proulx

Affiliation :

Kelly Tharpe

Affiliation :
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Natalie Viscariello

Affiliation :
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Sam Beddar

Affiliation :
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center


Version : 1.00

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Bill of materials
Part Company Price (USD) Where to buy Link
Shapeoko 2 kit Shapeoko 461.55 Inventables
TinyG Synthetos 129.00 Inventables
Power supply 24V 150W Meanwell 29.55 Jameco Electronics



Build instructions

1. Mount the Shapeoko 2 according to the wiki page.

2. Build an adapter to fit the Shapeoko device to the water tank you want it to be fitted to.

3. Build a detector holder that can be attached to the z-axis rail of the Shapeoko.

4. Connect the TinyG control board to the Shapeoko and controle the TinyG with one of the g-code senders available.


- Detector-to-source positioning device for a plastic scintillation detector around a I-125 low-dose-rate brachytherapy seed.