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RayStation Scripting Examples

John Eley

Affiliation :
University of Maryland School of Medicine


Version : 1.00

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autoPlanBrainArc_multiPlan.py_.txtAuto-plan Multiple Proton Beams for Brain Tumor04/08/201616
interplaySpots.py_.txtSimulate Interplay and 4D Dose for Scanned Proton Beam with Breathing Patient04/08/201637
getBrainDvhStats_new083115.py_.txtRetrieve Dose Volume Statistics04/08/20169
extractDoseProfiles.py_.txtExtract Dose Profiles from TPS and Write Data to Text File04/08/201612
Here are a few example scripts that may be useful for those trying to learn how to write scripts for the RayStation treatment planning system. The examples are made by a beginner (myself), they may contain mistakes, and they are not validated or tested for clinical use.
Software and Hardware requirements

Required software: RayStation treatment planning system



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Good luck with the website, Francois!  This is pretty cool. ( I hope these scripting examples may be useful to people. ) - John