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6DOF QA tilt plate for Pentaguide Phantom

William Bryan Jackson

Version : 0.90

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A simple OpenSCAD script for generating 3D printable tilt plates that introduce known rotations in 3 axes to the Pentaguide phantom. Could also be used for other cubic phantoms of similar size. Helpful when doing QA for 6DOF couch movements.

Instructions and Requirements

For Pentaguide phantoms you may use the supplied STL file if you have no requirement for angles other than the default angles. For custom angles, you will need to download and install OpenSCAD. Then load the OpenSCAD file for the phantom and adjust the parameters to suit your needs. Once done you will then need to compile, and render the phantom, then export to STL.

You want a low warp high dimensional accuracy plastic. So PLA would be good choice. I would probably print in black or other dark filament, and paint the alignment marks white.

Additional comments

Pentaguide code is older and has inset alignment marks. The MiMi code is updated with better annotation and raised alignment marks. Also has offset marks for introducing known X and Y shifts.



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Very cool! Using OpenSCAD is a great way to give the user controle on what they want. Thanks for sharing this!