Welcome to OpenMedPhys

Welcome on OpenMedPhys


At OpenMedPhys, we share a common vision that innovation in the field of Medical Physics can be accelerated through a more open and collaborative community. The advantages of the open source ecosystem are many. While you benefit from an open-access to other people's projects, your own projects benefit from continuous feedback and improvements provided by other colleagues in the field.

Our contribution at OpenMedPhys is a web-platform to facilitate this open relationship. It is important to understand that you are responsible for what you decide to develop and share. The OpenMedPhys team takes no responsibility in the decision. The goal is for our team is to provide a centralized location to find and share Medical Physics related projects, whether they are software or hardware-based. So whether you have an existing or new project you want to openly share, feel free to get started.

Important: You are responsible for your use of a given shared project and/or the decision to develop and share one of yours . The OpenMedPhys team takes no responsibility for these.


How to contribute?

You are a couple clicks away from creating a project. You first have to be an approved member of OpenMedPhys (don't worry, it's free, so join now!).

You can then submit your project to OpenMedPhys. Once your project is validated (that it is not spam), you will receive your project link and become the project manager.

From this point, you are in charge of the content and decide who can control and edit the content of your project.

Thank you for contributing!

The OpenMedPhys Team

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